My Ridiculous Anxiety

Last week, I had a mammogram. (Ladies, have you gone?) I have the dubious distinction of getting my films read on the day. I donned the robe of office, assumed positions natural to a Chinese acrobat, got scanned, and then waited. And waited. And waited. Finally the nice lady came out to tell me IContinue reading “My Ridiculous Anxiety”

Letter Art: U is for Ulcer Meds

  Note to self: Clean out feed shelf more often. We stopped using this in 2013 [Zeno]. Was it really that long ago? That is some serious fugiting by tempus.     Second note to self: As the days get shorter, golden hour moves up accordingly. Schedule the day so that I am not chasingContinue reading “Letter Art: U is for Ulcer Meds”

The Downs & Ups

Down In the past, our horses never had reactions to shots. This year, both Rodney and Milton objected to their vaccinations. A few days of feeling punk. Heat and swelling at the injection sites. We opted for butt shots since Rodney’s neck was tender from being dekinked [Zap]. Drama Queen Milton felt his agony deeplyContinue reading “The Downs & Ups”