I’ve mentioned it passing [CAA Repercussions]. I want to state it outright. We have solved Milton’s NQR. (Greg modifies this with – to the extent one ever can with a horse. He doesn’t want Milton to feel the need to rise to a challenge.)

For years we’ve been wondering if Milton is Not Quite Right. The problem is the “quite”. Not right is easy. Lame. Losing weight. Radical behavior change. These are easy to spot. Diagnosis might be problematic, but you know you are looking for the root of a problem. We didn’t even know if there was a problem to find the root of.

The answer is Alabama.

But seriously folks. Current thinking is that something in our grass/soil/whatever either caused or aggravated a hind gut ulcer. Was it a serious problem? No. Is he a drama queen? Yes. It was just enough to make him a little bit cranky, degrade his movement, make him a little bit touchy.

Would he have been 100% way back when if we’d gone straight to this [Sand Colic]? Who knows. Perhaps some of the other stumbles of our drunkard’s walk took care of other issues. I know Fairy Godmother has been wondering what we did to the nice horse she sent down. Well, we finally found that horse.

Now – cross fingers – Milton’s only problems will come as a result of being a green racehorse owned by amateurs. That was also the case with Previous Horse, and he didn’t have a bad life.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “QR

  1. I think we all have a bit of drama queen in us when we aren’t feeling well. Good to hear and glad you can move forward with him at 100%.

  2. When sick, some people like to be left alone. Others like everyone to flock around, mop their brow & tell them how brave they are being. (That would be me.) My horses have all liked company when ill. I don’t know if that is horses in general, or the ones I end up with.

    OTOH, this was more about being sore than ill. I’d never really pondered the difference. Hmm.

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