Saddle Seat Wednesday

For the past four years, the beginning of September has meant the beginning of boot camp.

2016 [Let the Madness Begin, Again]
2015 [Let the Tune-Up Begin]
2014 I can’t find a post. September that year was all about Milton’s arrival & the sequela.
2013 [Boot Camp Begins]

Not this year. No double sessions. No being too tired to get from the car to the house. No learning. No goals to strive for. Do I still want to win Nationals? Of course. In some alternate universe where I am not a hot mess.

I’m burned out.

Not with saddle seat. There, I did get a return on my investment of time and energy. However, it ultimately wasn’t enough to compensate for the slow psychic drain that is the rest of my horse life.

Short term. Rodney & Milton. Insert much whining.

Long term. Riding well is the only thing I’ve ever really wanted, since I was a kid. It may not be a noble goal, but it’s the one I have.

I’m a good rider. Yet, as I’ve said before [Grip], I’ve never gotten past the Academy-equivalent in any discipline. Not for a lack of opportunity. Not for lack of effort. Why? Dunno. If I knew, I wouldn’t be burned out.

In the cosmic scheme of things, this is barely a paper cut. But paper cuts still sting.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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