Let the Madness Begin, Again

Saddle Seat Wednesday

NACHS 2016


To the surprise of no one, I am taking another shot at Academy Nationals. My original thought was to play around in August, then get serious in September [Summer Plan]. However, an examination of the calendar revealed that the barn will be showing much of September and October. (Even a few shows that I am not attending!) So, we start now. Those of us planning for Murfreesboro are fiddling with combinations of horse, rider, and tack, looking for the optimal configurations.

The Plan
I will prepare, but with less intensity than last year [Let the Tune-Up Begin, Final Progress Report]. I’ll finished out August with lessons, both regular and leg [Lessons], taking a break while the high flyers go to Louisville. In September, I will start the month with a small show, then extra lessons for the rest of the month. In October, fewer lessons but more showing. After that, a break, which I should have done last year.

The Projection
I’ve been to Nationals three times: once in walk-trot, twice in walk-trot-canter. Each year has two finals. I’ve finished top three in all six: two thirds, four seconds. Go, me! I’ve started second and ended up second. I’ve started last and ended up second. I’ve started in the middle of the pack and ended up second.

How will I do? Pffft, it’s horses. Who knows. I go in with a better record than last year. So far, three shows where I have won all my classes, including the all-age championship. OTOH, I’ve also had Thank You For Playing classes. Results will depend on how I do, how the horse does, how I react to what the horse does, and what the judges think about all of the above.

What if I win? That would be pleasant.

What if I don’t win? Well, I’ve shown that I can be second with three different horses. That should reduce the tailspin.

What if I don’t win and another member of Team Stepping Stone does? No one from my barn is in my division. Their success is not my loss. I will cheer. I will congratulate the victor. I will be sure that I am out of sight before I start screaming and throwing things.

What if I come in second? Again? Just call me Alydar.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. hi Katherine! Sorry I missed the driving event last time you guys were in Nashvegas! Let me know when you expect to be in Murfreesboro or Chattanooga or Nashville! Really want to catch up with you next time you’re in TN! Good luck with all! EBH

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