Summer Plan

For July & August, I have a simple metric: put halters on both horses twice a day.

This means one set of bodywork and one set of groundwork per horse per day. Groundwork as previously discussed: ground driving for Milton, modified ground driving for Rodney [Progress, Roping], walks, hills [Hillwork], and so on. Bodywork to include: zapping [The Good Kind], massage, energy balancing, and so on, decorated with the various unguents of the moment. Sitting on Rodney [A Good Evening] shading into riding Rodney, perhaps. (The Milton + truck + cowboy equation still holds. I try not to think about it.)

I shall continue to retreat from the world [Time Management]. I should be able to volunteer, go out with friends, and still have time to work two horses. However, I don’t seem to have enough spoons. Perhaps when daily doubles become more of an established habit.

Lessons at SSF will continue, at a moderate rate. Come September, I will decide what level of crazy I wish to engage in for Nationals [2013:Saturdays, 2014:two weeks], 2015:two months]. Yes, I’m doing it again this year. Probably. I have made my reservation at Hastings House (Waves hi!) [Promo, Cat Decor]. If nothing else, it’s a chance to show in six big classes (Crosses fingers).

No goals are attached to my summer plan. Put the halters on. Work the horses. See what happens.

So far, so good. Double sessions each day last week, when possible. We’ll see how it goes.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Summer Plan

  1. Excellent move! Similar to your time at -name redacted-. Full immersion and see what happens.

  2. Since I have been know to complain about my time as a working student, I have taken out the name of the BNR in question. Suffice to say a) it was a Very Big Name & b) it was a disaster.

    Other than learning that I didn’t ever want to be a horse professional, so that was something.

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