A Good Evening’s Work – Rodney

One evening last week, we took both horses out to the ring. Milton worked while Rodney watched.

Rodney is not dumb. Okay, he is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he is not dull-witted. His mind goes a million miles an hour. Usually wondering what part of the sky is about to fall on him.

For our evening’s activity, we stood. That’s it. No work. No walking. He played couch. He was a star. The tricky bit is that we were OUTSIDE of the ring. When I tried this exercise pre-neck adjustment [Zap], he couldn’t do it. He’d fuss. He’d mill. He could not hold it together.

Rodney wants things to be simple. He wants clear, discrete tasks that he understands. Given his limited brain space and his anxiety level, that means really, really small steps. We have yet to underestimate how small to make a step for him. If Rodney & I ever get to serious work, I am going to have to break explanations down to words of one-syllable. Or less.

However, once he grasps an idea and believes in himself, he is thrilled. He loves to be presented with work that he can do. He stood quietly, and happily, and was very proud of himself.

Tomorrow, Milton. A horse of a different stripe.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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