A Good Evening’s Work – Milton

One evening last week, we took both horses out to the ring. Rodney watched [A Good Evening] while Milton worked.

Milton is a brat.

Brat. Brat. Brat.

Greg ground-drove. Milton wandered. He dragged his feet. He saw no point to whatever was being asked. Greg would drive him down a chute of ground poles. Instead of taking the obvious path forward, Milton would take two steps, then step over one of the poles and drift off to the side.

Milton is clever but lazy, mentally as well as physically. He’ll fulfill his contract, but has an eye out for subclauses that work in his favor. He has a strong streak of self-interest. Milton is always pleased with himself. You, he’s not so sure about. He’s not gonna go out of his way to do you any favors that you haven’t earned. If he were a person, he’d have gone to an Ivy League college. He’s a smart ass.

If Milton & I ever get to serious work, I will need to invent constant changes of direction and exercise. He will not suffer endless 20-meter circles. By the second circle, he will be looking for what trouble he can get into. Similarly, if I ever aim him at a corner on cross-country, I had better be dead on my line. If I give him an inch, he will run to the side of the jump with the smug air of Don’t blame me. I just went where you pointed.

However, if the rider (or driver) can get his respect and attention, Milton will put all that cleverness to work for you.
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NE GA Sam 4

Details tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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