Liberty Horse

Rodney and I have been groundworking sans tack. On Sunday, he started, stopped, and trotted through his poles [More]. It went well. Then it didn’t. In other words, I pushed for one more than I should. So, I send him around the ring at a trot. He objected by dropping the front end and reversing direction. Quite a sight to see a 17-hand horse spinning like Quarter Horse cutting a cow. Fortunately for me, Rodney is not comfortable with confrontation. After a few about-faces, he stopped and I was able to talk him down out of the trees. Peace and harmony reigned once more. When we ran past/thru the cavelletti side by side, I felt as if I was doing agility with an extremely large dog.

After that, I spent a few minutes ground driving Milton. It did not go well. It seems I have some anger issues with him. What a surprise. He did. not. want. me on the other end of those lines. On the upside, he was relieved to have Greg back and worked better than usual.
For Your Amusement

The obligatory post-bath roll.
The obligatory post-bath roll.
The obligatory post-roll shake. Check out the ears.
The obligatory post-roll shake. Check out the ears.

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