With renewed commitment and the return of spring, we have restarted walking up and down hills. The goal is to eventually trot them in hand. Even if I were riding (sigh), I would still be doing these as groundwork. Walking and running hills is good for me. The horses aren’t the only ones who can use fitness training.

Rodney needs to strengthen his back, so he is on the short hill. He finds this to be a lot of work. After a microscopically short session, I liberally coat his back and butt muscles with liniment gel. Laugh if you must. Rodney feels things deeply. Taking his concerns seriously helps us make progress.

Milton, being fitter, is on the longer, steeper hill. He be like, ‘Meh, hillwork.’ However, he doesn’t object to the liniment rubdowns.
Gratuitous Dog Link

My friend Amy has updated her page, Rijn Aussies. Nice layout, gorgeous pictures, lovely dogs.

Amy on RS
Crystal Horses, Guest Photo Shoot

Amy and I go way back. I knew her before she had her first dog. She knew me before I leased my first horse. That was a while ago in both cases.

4 thoughts on “Hillwork

  1. Thanks my friend! It’s true that we knew each other before those things. I never thought of it that way.

  2. It’s hard to convince my two to walk, particularly after the first, but for a different reason. C’mon already! Can’t wait until I have to convince them to trot up.

    Old friends. They knew you when. And can we all breathe a geriatric sign of relief that the Internet wasn’t around to document us back in the day? The mind reels.

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