Crystal Horses, Guest Photo Shoot

Swarovski Crystal horses from the NYC store. Photos by Amy Vanderryn. Welcome Amy.

Here’s what Amy does IRL: Rijn Australian Shepherds

For me, objets d’art inspire admiration but not acquisitiveness. I wouldn’t want to worry about dusting them or keeping the cats from knocking them over. They sure are gorgeous to look at.

Done with NYC for this trip. Previous posts were Doctor Hooves Meets Manehattan and Horses of NYC 2015.

How about you, admire in situ or take home?

2 thoughts on “Crystal Horses, Guest Photo Shoot

  1. Even if I weren’t afraid of breaking something – and I have a few glass horses, some from Italy, given to me as gifts – I couldn’t afford it. Do enjoy looking at them…

  2. Who can afford it? Per the website, the ones pictured above are $445 (5″ high), $975 (7″ high) , $65 (1 1/2″ high), & $1,090 (8″ high). That’s many bags of horse feed, or dog food.

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