Doctor Hooves Meets Manehattan

Imagine this as an extensive series of photos featuring Dr. Hooves [Latest Additions] visiting all the places I saw in New York City earlier this month. Now imagine me spending too much time running around the city with my friends to actually take the required pictures.

NYC 2015 MLM

Doctor Hooves outside The Morgan Library & Museum. One of the exhibits was Graphic Passion: Matisse and the Book Arts. Guess why I went. (Exhibition catalog if above link is dead.) Short version. Matisse was an illustrator. His book Jazz was the apogee of this. I had no idea.

NYC 2015 MLM sign

In case you were wondering, Manehattan in the FiM Wiki.
Since this seems to be a thing, the view from my hotel window:

NYC 2015 hotel window border


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  1. The JP Morgan Library & Museum is one of my favorite places in New York. Many people never find it.

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