SSF Christmas Party 2015

barn party 2015 8Much as I love a barn party, I dreaded this one. Coach Courtney kindly announces people who have done well over the year. For example, her daughter Reagan winning a National Championship [Barnshine]. I knew she was going to announce my Reserve National Finals [Report]. I knew I was going to have to smile and be nice, regardless of how I felt [Perspective]. She did. I did. Done. That’s the last time someone other than me is likely to bring it up.

Fortunately, we quickly moved to the more amusing task of announcing horse and rider combinations for the upcoming season. Five horses got new people to call their own. Lots of screams, tears, and horses unsure what to do about a large, red bow around the neck.

The rest of the day was food, gifts, & fellowship.

Stepping Stone Farm continues to provide me with somewhere to go, horses to ride, & people to talk at.

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Process note: Not the sharpest photos in the album. Phone struggled with inside lighting. Put up anyway because Party Pictures!


Update: “Do all the horses get sold this time of the year?” Party Horses

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