What Comes After 11?

In the past, I have claimed that Rodney has his knobs on 11 [Zeno, New Year]. I was wrong. He’s cranked those suckers way beyond that.

His neck was sore. Either from 1) changing his mind about electrical therapy [Zap], 2) an underlying chronic condition, or 3) playing Bite Your Buddy with Milton. A bout of BYB involves waving your teeth near your opponent’s throat, while avoiding opponent’s teeth near your throat. Lots of feinting and sudden neck motions.

starstripe outtake 4

Either way, we treated Rodney’s neck with a menthol muscle rub. He continued to act as if the sky was falling. It took us two days to realize that he was reacting to the rub. I hosed it off and soothed the area with Vetasan. Peace reigned.

Remember a week or so ago, when he objected to the gentian violet on his back [Hunting Zebras]? His back is fine, but a few other spots that I dabbed are still ruffled up and annoyed.

Then there was the time he objected to a liniment bath [EEEE-ouch!]. We had to hose that off as well.

Seriously, how sensitive can a horse be?

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. Rodney doesn’t make sh&t up. All of it is real. He just takes most of it much more seriously than most would.

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