Another Voice Chimes In

Not all of my inner voices are vicious [Inside My Head, Time Management]. One is courageous to the point of stupid.

So there I was, watching a very good rider have a come-to-Jesus meeting with a fancy suit horse. Thought popped into my head:

Inner Voice: I could ride that horse.
Me: What?! You barely know how to ride a Saddlebred. You think you can school on one?
Inner Voice: Yup.
Me: Just because he is the same color as Sam doesn’t mean he goes like Sam.
Inner Voice: I got this.

I haven’t heard this voice for years. Last time, I was checking out a Baby Novice cross-country course, back when I thought Rodney & I might need the information. Walking past a Preliminary fence, I suddenly had the thought, I want to jump THAT one.

The voice has been know to write checks that my body can’t cash.

8) “Having trouble with your horse? Here let me try.”
[10 Reasons To Wear A Helmet]

OTOH, it’s the same voice that finally got me riding the Opinionated Jumper Mare after seven years of waffling. [Yin, photo]

She was so reliable, I remember coming out of a corner for a fence on the diagonal and knowing, with iron certainty, exactly where she was planning to put her feet 6 strides away.
[Bucket List]

Let’s be clear. I have no desire to ride the misbehaving suit horse. If handed the reins, I would run screaming, or fall over in a faint. My inner voice is delusional. But, it’s nice to know she’s still in there.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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