New Year, New Contest

More accurately: New Year, New Iteration of Old Contest

Awhile back, I asked for help finding a showname for Rodney [Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered, April 2012]. That was the summer Matilda got hurt, so it took several months until we worried about simple amenities such as Coggin’s tests [Contest in Final Days, January 2013]. The vet arrived early (!). In a panic, I went with his stable name [Contest Winner, February 2013]. Inventive.

This is why I need your help. We did not show this year, so I did not register him anywhere. (We will pass by that statement without comment.) Therefore, I can try for a new name. Rules as before – void where illegal, etc. – and the prize will only be awarded if I change his name.

Update. Prize description from last go-round:
$25 gift certificate on
The same from the independent book dealer of your choice, provided I can reach their store online.
Perhaps simply my undying gratitude, if the offer of money turns out to be a can of worms.

Hint the first: Rodney’s response to breakfast? My favorite thing! To lunch? My favorite thing! To going out? My favorite thing! To coming in? You get the idea. In happiness or in pain, he is enthusiastic about how he feels. I thought about using “My Favorite Thing!” but that would be taken as a description rather than as a quote. Similarly “Maximum Gain”, would be taken as financial rather than as radio talk. Basically, he has his knobs dialed to 11 at all times. Knobs on 11? Eleven?

Hint the second: Rodney was bought to be my mid-life crisis horse. I am not above using that to humorous &/or memorable effect.

Hint the third: And now for something completely different. I feel that the perfect name is out there, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Surprise me.

Have at it. Please broadcast to anyone who might be interested. Doesn’t have to be horse folks. Or even animal folks. Perhaps people who are good with words and might want to win a few books.

9 thoughts on “New Year, New Contest

  1. Brown Paper Package (#1) or something along those lines..Fancy Brown Paper Package.. Zesty BPP

    Seismic Moment (ok – I really like this one for several reasons. Could be a play on both #1 & #2).

    And the amazing thing is *me* coming up with names. You know how I am about the dogs……

  2. Up for It
    Good to Go
    Shiny New Car
    Cranked Up
    Cruise Control
    Bells and Whistles
    View from Above
    Fifth Gear
    Fully Loaded
    Nest Egg
    Sun Setter
    Lightning Rod
    Man of Action
    My Last Boyfriend
    Show of Hands
    Highest Point
    Back to the Future
    Prom Date
    Over the Limit
    Spare Tire
    Man on the Moon
    Best Man
    Pet Project

  3. Lets Go
    How About Now
    Rodney To The Rescue
    Here I come
    He’s Got Good Intentions
    Good News
    Five Stars
    Five Star Attitude
    Happy Days
    Best Man

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