Contest in Final Days

Update February 4, 2013: Winner declared.

Last chance to invent Rodney’s show name & win a prize. Explanation & rules here. Feel free to comment there or here.

The vet is coming Friday. The name I give for Rodney’s Coggin’s Test will be his show name. Of course, if I don’t show him at all this year (aaaagggg), I can try again with a new name next year.

But let’s think positive, he will carry Friday’s name throughout his long & glorious show career. It will be inscribed on perpetual trophies throughout the Southeast. His legions of fans will know him by this name due to all the equestrian media ink we will be floating in. The name will …. you get the idea.

What has changed since last year? I still have the blog, so a tie-in is not out of the question. No idea has wowed me yet. I want a name that is stirring and victorious and impressive, but not pretentious. An intersection that may not exist.

Fire away. Let the brainstorming begin.

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