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After 10 months of cogitating, Rodney’s show name is … drumroll …


Unexciting, but I have cause. Friday’s plan was to turn the mare out for her sunshine break. Bring her in, feed lunch early, find the old Coggin’s tests, and come to a final decision on The Name. Meanwhile, Hubby would leave work early to be here in case we needed to sedate Mathilda. Then the vet arrived.

Allow me to restate that. The vet arrived. Two hours early. Horses were in the wrong places. Hubby was still at work. I was caught totally flat-footed. What vet in the known universe arrives early, much less 2 hours early? I tracked Hubby down with several phone calls. I rearranged the horses. We started on Rodney to give Hubby time to drive home. A faint breeze on my undercarriage reminded me that my pants were NSFW. Ah well, nothing he hasn’t seen before.

As the vet took blood for Rodney’s Coggins, I thought, ‘Oh, expletive! I never figured out a name.’ I defaulted to the obvious. While this was never a fallback plan, I had reasons: A) My first horse had the same stable/show name and he looked sharp in the ring. B) If I ever show, there could be cross-over promo for the blog. But mostly, C) I panicked.

Therefore the winner is debandtoby, for “why not just ‘Rodney’?” Deborah and I go way back, so I have the required contact information. I need to know if you wish your credit with Amazon or another outlet.

Honorable mention (but no prizes) to Michelle Rene for the meaning of Rodney page, now that it is his offical name.

At least until next year.

GKP Percy 2

BTW, the handles of this bag are now cut, per comment.

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  1. Love it! Along similar lines, I once asked her breeder how Cameo came by her rather unusual Jockey Club name. (It had nothing to do with ancestry.) She told me that she and her husband had toyed for months trying to find a “Bold Ruler” name that wasn’t either already in use or else too trite for words. The Jockey Club has strict time limits on when you may submit a foal’s registration papers, so she asked her husband when the deadline was. His reply was “This Week”, which is how Cameo got her official name!

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