Contest Winner

After 10 months of cogitating, Rodney’s show name is … drumroll … Rodney. Unexciting, but I have cause. Friday’s plan was to turn the mare out for her sunshine break. Bring her in, feed lunch early, find the old Coggin’s tests, and come to a final decision on The Name. Meanwhile, Hubby would leave workContinue reading “Contest Winner”

Contest in Final Days

Update February 4, 2013: Winner declared. Last chance to invent Rodney’s show name & win a prize. Explanation & rules here. Feel free to comment there or here. The vet is coming Friday. The name I give for Rodney’s Coggin’s Test will be his show name. Of course, if I don’t show him at allContinue reading “Contest in Final Days”

Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered

Update February 4, 2013: Winner declared. Rodney is looking for his new show name. I am terrible at names. Our 16 (?) year-old, roadside-adopted black Lab still goes by the name of Puppy, among other things. As a writer, the mot juste is of utmost importance to me. The responsibility of selected the perfect, appropriate,Continue reading “Help Me Name My Horse, Prize Offered”