4 thoughts on “Ravages of Time

  1. Sorry to reply on the kittens instead of the horse, but when you let cats play with a paper sack, rip the handles off. They stick their heads through the handles, can’t figure out how to get them back out, and have a conniption fit across the room, taking the bag with them, and can choke themselves or hurt themselves when they bounce from place to place. They can play with the handles when you rip them off, though.

  2. Comment from RS Facebook page: Training for what?? Looks like a rug?? Nap-time??? 🙂

    Reply: An old futon mattress we used for groundwork. Big, scary thing. Weird on the feet. Horse is supposed to go sproing. Rodney said, Oh this? stomp, stomp, stomp.
    I tell you, if he ever goes XC, he’s going to be awesome.

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