Pictured, a temporary splint made of Vetrap to keep me from using my swollen thumb. Effect on my life:

Typing: Not a problem since I’ve never been a 10-fingered typist.

Writing with implements: Completely problematic. Using my thumb for lateral pressure is exactly what I can’t do. Well, I can. but I deeply do not wish to. This doesn’t affect work since I draft on the keyboard. It does affect list-making, which means no TO DO list and therefore no illusion of control over my universe.

Barn: Don’t even notice it. I guess I’m not doing very much opposable at the barn these days.

Riding: Right out. I would have ridden Previous Horse with a few fingers on the reins but not Rodney (if I was), nor Mathilda (when I was), nor any American Saddlebred I just met.

The annoying part, aside from the pain and loss of function, is that I have NO idea what I did to cause this. No bug bite, no odd motions in retrospect, no gentle tap that shouldn’t merit this level of repercussion. I did that recently to a finger. I caught it at an awkward angle against the kitchen counter. It was a tiny tug but in a direction fingers are not designed to go. Took days to heal. None of this happened to my thumb. Just a slow-growing, out-of-proportion level of pain that started around bedtime Saturday night. Weird.

Your most bizarre injury?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic


Percy (striped face, right) had no interest in the door until Rhyme tried it over the weekend.

5 thoughts on “Lameness

    1. I’m still too old school. If it isn’t written, it doesn’t exist. I know online banking is coming but I will continue to grip my paper checks with all my withering strength.

  1. I am also currently typing with thumbs after burning my hands filling the kettle that sits on the wood-burning stove. I love you no lists – no sense of control over the universe too!

  2. Nice big scratch above my nose, right between my eyes. Thought it was misplaced ketchup when I first saw it. After painful scrubbing, I remembered that I hadn’t had any ketchup recently. No clue where it came from.

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