Sense of Smell, Sense of Place

Now that the horses are living in, we are discovering the wonderful world of shavings. It’s amazing how fast a new bag of fresh shavings time warps me back to horse show stabling. Even the smell of pine in a lumber yard will do.

Leather is another classic horse smell. I get a little punchy in tack stores, or even upscale shoe stores.

The flip side of a stall fluffed with fresh shavings is that same stall the next morning. Mathilda has a divot in her pen that collects and concentrates her effluvium. After only a day or two, the bottom can smell like an week-long overdue stall. This transports me nowhere. There is a desperate here and now feeling to offensive smells.

Where do smells take you?
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3 thoughts on “Sense of Smell, Sense of Place

  1. I had had horses all of my life, until we moved to Nanjing. We moved from a farm to the city – a polluted, bustling city where no one spoke our language. I missed a lot of things, and horses certainly numbered high on the list, although, it was such an adventure, ‘missing things’ was secondary to enjoying our new life.

    One day, while wandering around the city, I was suddenly struck by the undeniable smell of BARNYARD. It was deep and musty and smelled just like home. I was in the heart of the city, though, and had no idea where the smell was coming from. Over the next few weeks, though, I encountered it again and again. I’d be walking around and suddenly BARNYARD.

    I was out one day with a friend who had been in the city for quite a while when we both smelled it. She turned to me and asked, “Oh, have you tried ‘Stinky Bean Curd’ yet? It’s a regional specialty.”

    Food. It was food I was smelling. No, I never did try it.

  2. Chantilly perfume makes me think of my mother, she only wears Chantilly, as soon as I smell it, My mother comes straight into my mind. You are so right about smells they transport you. For instance, anytime I go to a fair, I think of my childhood days, and summer fairs,we always went to the Ohio State Fair with my cousins, a wonderful childhood memory.
    I found you from NaBloPoMo 🙂

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