Horse Shopping – The Mystification Continues

Called another seller on Friday. Found yet another person who couldn’t be bothered to talk to me. I do not understand the business model that allows people to reject possible customers so quickly.

In her defense, we got off wrong-footed and she decided that her stock was too high-end for me. She might be right. In the Southeastern US, hunter/jumper horses seem to be expensive. There is not as much of it, so there is not the range of talent, training, and expense as in the Mid-Atlantic.

In addition, the Southeast is amazingly trainer driven. Buying a horse on my own is like trying to sell a novel without an agent. In MD/VA people worked with trainers, but also worked on their own. Some old coot with a few horses out back might be clueless, might be a retired MFH.

For those of you who have lived and ridden (or shown dogs or knitted (knat?)) in different places, how has the attitude toward independent operators varied?

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3 thoughts on “Horse Shopping – The Mystification Continues

  1. Kathie found Priney for me. Nancy (barn manager) had Chief, some one had given him to her! She thought she could use him as a sire for hunter ponies. I bred him to Priney druring her first retirement for leg problems. She didn’t get pregnant over multple tries. he was sterile. it all worked out for the best.

  2. Hmm, many stories on both sides of the fence. As I’ve pointed out often enough in the past, though, I lived in an area that was overrun with event horses. If you wanted one, it wasn’t hard to find something in multiple price ranges, etc. I believe if I were looking for a real event horse these days and were going to drop the big money on it, I’d hire someone to help me out. It seems unlikely that I will end up going that route, though, so that’s completely hypothetical.

  3. I’ve sold two horses in the last 5 years, and nobody came through a trainer. If they liked the horse (usually a mom with her 12-year-old daughter), they arranged for a second trip with their trainer. Probably the difference between H/J and eventing worlds though.

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