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I mentioned my recent funk [Recap]. My riding career is going nowhere. I’m seeing 60 on the horizon. Funk seemed a reasonable response.


We have been having problems with basement damp. Found and fixed cause. Swept out the water. Discovered and threw out sodden items. Spread bleach with liberal hand.

I feel so much better. The air coming up through the vents no longer smells like a Vogon’s armpit. Relief was immediate and lasting. Nothing in my situation has changed. My horse is still a twink. I’m still a galloping grandmother (in age, not in actuality). Now I have the energy to deal with it.

Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that horse misbehavior is rooted in pain. I’m starting to wonder the same about people, having lived through several examples in my own head [Antibiotics as Mood Elevator tooth & ear, Happy Heath News eyes]. I even took this into consideration. I could not find a likely cause. Damp. Who knew?

I am a precious, picky princess, with the resilience of a daffodil. This is not news.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “Mind/Body Solutions

  1. “… precious, picky princess … resilience of a daffodil…” These descriptions made me chuckle. I don’t know about the princess part, but the daffodils in my yard come back year after year, bloom well, and survive odd weather bouts. We should be so lucky.

  2. Fresh air can make a wonderful difference.
    Mind/body are one. It’s just where the pain originates that causes people to judge you as a person.

  3. Such good news. A cloud with a silver lining. What a relief to know that it’s external and not internal.

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