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Note to self: Clean out feed shelf more often. We stopped using this in 2013 [Zeno]. Was it really that long ago? That is some serious fugiting by tempus.





Second note to self: As the days get shorter, golden hour moves up accordingly. Schedule the day so that I am not chasing the setting sun into the pasture. Hard to convince them that my photo backdrop is not their hay snack.

2016 Alphabet


T is for Training Level
S is for Swim
R is for Reins
Q is for Quote
P is for Polo Wraps
O is for Opinion
N is for Nature
M is for My Missing Motivation
L is for Leadline
K is for Knabstrupper
J is for Jenny’s Jodhpurs
I is for I Love You
H is for Halter
G is for Ghost Gallery
F is for Fence
E is for Eventing
D is for Do
C is for Carrot
B is for Brush
A is for Apple

2015 Alphabet

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

Comments on: "Letter Art: U is for Ulcer Meds" (3)

  1. ulcer meds…don’t talk to me about ulcer meds….

  2. When do they expire? Not the worst thing to have around!

  3. Ulcer meds: 😦

    Expiration: Bottles are empty. Have been for years. #barnmesses #noexcuse

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