Letter Art: G is for Ghost Gallery

ghost letter

Our cat, Ghost, disappeared in the spring of last year. 😦 The time has come to take him off the critter page [Cast]. I didn’t want him to vanish without comment. The gallery records Ghost’s blog appearances over the years. Click on any photo for a slide show.

Ghost was adopted by the three Siamese boys.
k2 trio II

He got his name because we rarely saw him at the beginning. Even after several years, he remained semi-feral. We could pat him, occasionally, at night, when the house was quiet.

GKP Ghost 4

He was a cat’s cat.

Ghost Blue chair Feb 9 14

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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11 thoughts on “Letter Art: G is for Ghost Gallery

  1. I hope Ghost enjoyed his time with us. I like to think that he found a new home. Given his attitude, I doubt it. We miss him. As does Blue, the gray and white two-tone in the pictures. They were buddies.

    The joy is that they live with us.
    The sorrow is that they do not live as long as us.

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