Milton’s Menu

Grain first, then hay.

This is the order of the meal.

The order of the meal shall not be f*cked with.

meal April 2016

Milton has European tastes. He eats his salad after, thank you. At mealtime, we feed grain first. While they are eating, the server arranges the hay. Since the horses are at pasture, they have the constant option of filling their bellies. Therefore, feeding hay first is not as important as it would be otherwise.

If the grain is late – for whatever reason – Milton will mill and fuss and demand to be fed. He has no desire to eat hay while he is waiting. That is not how it is done! Don’t you people know this?!

Rodney prefers grain, obviously, but he will tuck into whatever is in front of him. Ditto Previous Horse. Mathilda felt the way Milton does about salad apres. [Fear! Fire! Foes! Nevermind.]

Your horse(s): rigid eater(s) or opportunistic vacuum(s)?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott


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  1. Drifter strongly disapproves of hay first. If this unhappy arrangement occurs for some reason, he will pick a little hay from his net and immediately stare over the door waiting for his food bowl. If it’s still not coming, pick a little from the haynet … and quickly return to sentry duty. Repeat until food bowl arrives. Apparently it is the watching that makes food appear.

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