Letter Art: D is for Do

2016 letter D

Yoda was wrong. Trying is doing. Every action, even unsuccessfully lifting an X-wing out of a swamp, means you are doing something, even if it is only standing still looking cross-eyed.

You can’t “do more” with your day. At every moment you are engaged in an activity. You might be binge-eating Mint Milanos and binge-watching Joan of Arcadia. You might wish your actions ranked higher on your personal value scale [Energy Usage]. You are doing.

Which is to say, it’s all well and good for me to mope around the house flagellating myself for my sins, real or imagined, riding or otherwise. [So What]

What am I going to DO about it?

Since I will be doing something, I might as well do something that might be useful. Onwards!

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