State of the Blog: Subtitle History

End-of-the-month coming early as I have another post for next Saturday. [Previous Posts: State of the Blog]

Observant readers may have noticed that I changed the subtitle at the beginning of the month. It was part of my campaign to refocus on progress with Milton [Where the Time Went, Milton 2.0]. I chose the subtitle because that is how we ended up paying for him at the 11th hour [Logistics: Costs ]. Here’s how I got to the current subtitle.

1) I find my midlife crisis horse. Everything goes pear-shaped. I deal.
This is the one I started with. So say my notes. I have no memory of this, nor can I find a printout. Odd.

2) A Horse Blog
Originally, the blog was to be one year. After I decided to continue [Where Do We Go From Here], I did all the digitally networking so dear to blog advice givers. When I added “Rodney’s Saga” to a blog list, there was no indication of what kind of blog it was or why one should read it. Bad marketing. I wedged the subtitle into the title. This version still lurks around the Internet: Equestrian Blog Of The Day – Rodney’s Saga (A Horse Blog).

3a) Horses. Life. A Touch of Geek.
Changed during a blog revamp, most likely associated with a snit recovery. [I’m Baaack, or possibly Sine Die]

4) & Milton’s Story: Horses. Life. A Touch of Geek.
Himself arrived [Meet Milton]. Rodney was established with 947 posts. I didn’t want to change the title. Instead, I extended the title into the subtitle. So says the WayBack Machine.

subtitle 2014

3b) Horses. Life. A Touch of Geek.
Milton goes into dog house [Universe]. Milton loses subtitle.

5) & The Tale of Milton, The PayPal Pony
Milton back in good graces [Naptime]. Milton back in subtitle. Step carefully, young horse.

Update April 9, 2016
6) & The Tale of Milton: Horses, Life, A Touch of Geek.
PayPal was amusing for a while, but not central to the blog. I like having “geek” in the header. Gives me an excuse for randomly posting science fiction, LEGO builds, or Doctor Who.

Update November 5, 2016
7) Horses, Life, A Touch of Geek.

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