Sine Die … Or Not

I almost quit, took a break, stomped off. Again. [Where Do We Go From Here?]. I had the post written & scheduled.

Undoubtedly there was an element of snit. I have a bad habit of surrendering to despair [Hiatus]. Mostly, it was a problem of content. After a brief flurry of positive activity, I am back to pointless head scratching. I have nothing to say that you haven’t heard a dozen times with Rodney. I’m was bored just thinking about writing it.

(Aside. Why do I insist on daily or nothing? Monthly worked for Back to Eventing when someone was paying me. On my own, I’ve tried monthly with Back To Riding and weekly with Off Topic. Meh. Once I lose the rigidity of daily posting, the whole operation slides into a slimy heap of good intentions. End aside.)

Then I started talking to myself.

I don’t want to write about my lack of progress with Milton.
Then don’t.
But I can’t ignore the subject and just put up amusing photos and cat pictures.
Why not?
Because people won’t like it.
How do you know what people will like?
Are pictures of cats suddenly unpopular on the Internet?
…um… people might not like MY funny photos and cat pics.
So what?
…um… I’ll have to watch the numbers fall.
The numbers were gonna fall anyway. A new horse is a red circle event, i.e. of interest to distant acquaintances, you are back in blue, green, and gold territory, i.e. of interest to you, your mom, and friends. [For an explanation of circles, see Wait But Why: 7 Ways To Be Insufferable On Facebook 3) The Literal Status Update.]
I’ll have to watch the numbers fall.
And this will effect your position in the universe how?
I’ll have to watch the numbers fall.
Poor you.

Do you really want to quit this close to 1000 posts?
After your last hissy fit, what did you decide?
My blog has a purpose – to keep me from going batshit crazy. [Baaack]
Will posting amusing photos do that?
Do you have another goal?
Is anyone paying you?
Have you promised anything to anyone in any way?
So why are you creating imaginary constraints?
Well then.

If I don’t hit it out of the park every day, I will fail to become the next Whatever/Everywhereist/insert name of your favorite blogger.
Yeah, like that was happening.
You can be a bitch sometimes.
One of us has to be.

Myself had a point. I will continue. Look for diverting photos and cute cats. If I have anything substantive to say about the horses, I certainly shall.

Update: “Adjournment sine die is a Latin phrase which means ‘without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing.’ ”

By which I meant that I was planning to run away without saying when I would be back.

7 thoughts on “Sine Die … Or Not

  1. Seriously, even when you’re moaning about not being able to keep blogging, you’re fun. Stick at it girl. We’re all waiting to hear how the Milton Memoirs unfold, however long it takes.

    1. Exactly! And sometimes I write because I have all these thoughts and feelings bumping around in my head and no captive audience. So I put those thoughts in my blog and lo and behold, an audience shows up! Way cool! πŸ˜‰

  2. You say you are a high energy soul. The posts seem to require much of that energy. If you could shift some of that focus from outward goals, like daily posts, to activities which develop inward calm, like tai-chi, you might find a change in attitude toward your life and your goals, one that brings less frustration and more peace.

    Both Milton and Rodney might react differently to you and your need to ride them.

    If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude to the situation.

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