Letter Art: J is for Jenny’s Jodhpurs

2016 letter J

Jenny Wright lives in the Midwest and shows in the Saddlebred Western division. Last year, she finished Top 10 in the S&B Shatner ASB Western Pleasure 2015 World Championship at the St. Louis Charity Horse Show. You may now be impressed. The Shatner Finals is the most competitive class I have ever seen, at any show, in any discipline.

For more on Jenny’s adventures, see her horse’s Facebook fan page, Only’s Gnash Rambler. For an explanation of the unique nature of these jods, see BBC: The TARDIS.

Welcome Jenny.
2016 Alphabet

I is for I Love You
H is for Halter
G is for Ghost Gallery
F is for Fence
E is for Eventing
D is for Do
C is for Carrot
B is for Brush
A is for Apple

2015 Alphabet

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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