Rodney’s groundtie is nearly perfect. I developed the habit of insisting my horses stand still to be brushed [Progress] because Previous Horse was that bad about respecting my space. We brush the horses in their run-in shed within the field. If they chose to run off, they aren’t going anywhere.

Rodney will move a hoof occasionally, and weakens in the face of carrots. Generally, he stays put. Even when I showed him the wormer last week, he didn’t move. He turned his head as far from me as he could, but kept his feet in place.

When we bring out the saddle [Equipment] to lunge Milton, Rodney leaves the barn.

Sigh. Anyone know of competitions available for bareback riders?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

7 thoughts on “Saddlephobia

  1. How about having the saddle already in the run in shed before you bring him in for grooming, carrots etc? So he gets used to it just being around while good things happen.

  2. If it is a mental problem, absolutely to all of the above. However, I’m concerned that there are still physical issues. More on this anon.

    1. Even if there are physical issues, his response right now is a mental one. If he gets used to it being around and doesn’t flee, then when the physical issue is resolved, then you won’t have the additional barrier to get through.

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