Milton’s Progress, April 2016

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

Other than the fact that I am not riding and that Milton has hysterics when he wears a saddle, he is doing very well.

Grooming 🙂 😦 ?
The ground tie is still a work in progress [Milton 2.0]. He doesn’t leave, but he doesn’t stand still. He’ll shift his weight. He’ll move one hoof. He’ll refuse to move the hoof back. The attitude is, ‘I’ll do it, but don’t expect me to like it.’

The attitude extends to brushing. When I approach him with a brush, he’ll flinch and shift his weight away from me, see above, as if he dislikes being touched. Then, he’ll relax and sigh and yawn. The time from I-hate-it to I-love-it is getting shorter.

He continues to pin his ears and chew at the same time. Deeply strange. We think his forehead hair whorls [Swirls] get rotating in different directions, creating consternation in the brain beneath.

Tire 🙂 !
Milton took another step toward a driving horse career [What Are You Driving At?]. We attached a tire to set of training traces. Greg walked at the head, I held a rope arranged so that the tire would slip off at the first sign of distress. Milton was a star. We stopped and started a few times. He thought it was weird. It was. Greg remember that both Coach Courtney and Coach Kate advise always going forward in a cart. As long as the horse is moving, problems can be addressed. So, Greg walked Milton straight across the ring on the second go. Milton had a tiny hump in his back. I prepared to let loose the tire. We reached the rail in peace. After that, meh, no big deal. Pulled the tire. Turned a corner. Had the traces touch him on the hocks. Walked around the ring. Old pro. He could have been excused for taking five training sessions to get as far as he did in five minutes. Milton learns fast and is very accepting about doing his job. Other than that one time …

Pictures when he has done it more than once.

Saddle 😦
It had been a while, so Greg lunged Milton with saddle. Walk. Fine. Trot. Fine. Canter? Engage hissy fit. Objectively, it wasn’t severe. He’s done worse [Universe, Boomerang]. I’ve ridden worse. Anyone with the ability – or inclination – to sit a buck would manage. Subjectively? No, thank you. My bulletproof vest is in the wash. We remain on the truck -> cowboy trajectory. [Back at the Ranch]

Outlook on Life 🙂
Despite all the ear and ‘tude [Moods], Milton makes it clear that he wants to be loved on.
Gratuitous Dog Cartoon


Plum posts a weekly, illustrated online diary. Dog antics with beautiful watercolors.

The assist goes to Picture Book Theology: Theological Statements for Young Children #6 for introducing me to Plum.
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  1. Yeah, leaving for 4 days (ProAm show) takes out about 2 weeks of the blog. First week, getting ready to travel & doing double posts. Second week, out of town & recovering. I get to the point of ‘Photo Post? Looks good. That’ll do.’

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