What Are You Driving At?



Greg (husband): You aren’t doing anything with Milton. I’m going to make him my driving horse.

Katherine (me): Have you lost your mind?

G: He’s athletic. He’s competitive. He’ll love it.

K: Thoroughbreds don’t drive. Have you ever seen a Thoroughbred at a Combined Driving competition?

G: Our friend J drove a sleigh through the snow with his Thoroughbred stallion. So-and-so mentioned that her a Thoroughbred gelding loved to drive.

K: Okay, a handful. You hear about it because it’s unusual. The Internet has videos of jumping Clydesdales. Should I get one as my next jumper?

G: Milton lunges. He long lines. He’s happy wearing Mathilda’s old blinkers [Driving Miss M].

K: What happens if he has a Thoroughbred moment while pulling a cart?

G: We’ll let him tell us if he wants to do it. We’ll keep going until he says no. Or yes.

K: What the green thing?

G: I made a breastcollar out of webbing (Strapworks.com) for proof-of-concept. We’ll see how he feels about the idea of pulling before we invest in harness. Think of it as a trial run.

K: Funny you should use the word ‘run’. Is it a good idea to take a horse with a history of galloping into the sunset [Universe] and tie him up with indestructible straps?

G: It has breakways, like Rodney’s reins [Headgear]. We’ll get leather before anyone’s ass is on the line.

K: I have to admit, you do good work.

breastplate closeup



5 thoughts on “What Are You Driving At?

  1. Who would possibly be crazy enough to want to drive a off-track TB? That person must really be more than a bubble off of dead center.

  2. Not a nice thing to say about Greg. Maybe driving is Milton’s thing. I had a mare who loved salami sandwiches. Who knows what goes on in a horse’s mind?

  3. I like the idea. Maybe it will turn out to be his dream job! TBs like to work and solve new puzzles when asked nicely.

  4. I have no problem telling Greg when his ideas are loopy. Sometimes I’m right; sometimes he is.

    Fun & asking nicely. Important for any horse, doubly so for TBs.

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