Barn Rule: High Tide Raises All Boats

Rodney Jan 10 2016

Rodney’s nose is out of joint. Now that Milton is less of an equus non grata, he is getting more attention. Rodney thinks this is coming out of his total. Rodney thinks life is a zero sum game.

I’ve sat them down together – figuratively – and explained that this is a team event. What is good for one is good for both. Let’s say Milton galloped around the AEC in North Carolina this year, to pick an example at random. My resulting good humor would benefit every living thing within shouting distance. Milton would get seriously spoiled, and so would Rodney.

This is the first time I’ve had two horses. There were times that I was lucky enough to have a second ride, for example, with Party Manners [Yin, photo], and with George [Sidesaddle, photo]. In both cases, the horse was cared for and ridden by the owner. With Previous Horse and Mathilda, Previous Horse came first. Period. If I rode him first, he would wander off to graze in another part of the pasture while I rode Mathilda. If I dared to ride Mathilda first, PH would strafe us. Seriously. He would canter up next to us and start kicking. Plus Mathilda belonged to Greg. Soothing her ego was his job.

It will be interesting to balance Rodney and Milton. Both horses have high opinions of themselves. Both horses expect the world to agree.


3 thoughts on “Barn Rule: High Tide Raises All Boats

    1. Exactly, they both are. I call this ‘all about me’ with my boys (dogs). It’s always been that way and always is. Life goes on, even if they have to share and even if they don’t want to hear it over their protests.
      Glad to read your progress notes too!

  1. PJs, louge wear, barn clothes … I don’t get out much.

    As someone who broadcasts to the world on a daily basis, I’m hardly in a position to criticize their “all about me” attitude. Must remember to keep convincing each one of his unique specialness.

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