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Saddle Seat Wednesday

I did not ride at the second Winter Tournament show last Saturday. Car accident. No transportation. I’m fine.

The accident happened Thursday night, with no traffic, on a major four-lane road. I was driving harmlessly along, heading home, thinking about stopping at the grocery store to pick up canned cat food. The other car drove straight into my back-end. I was going maybe 50 mph. The other driver was going 60? 70? This sounds dramatic, but the lack of vector differential significantly reduced the effective force.

The other car, a Honda Fit, spun wildly, ended up far off the road, and had a completely crumpled front end. Driver was up and fine. My valiant little Fiat 500 stopped in a straight line on the side of the road with a broken fender and dented trunk. After the deputy sheriff Hulked-out the piece of plastic rubbing one of the rear tires, I was able to drive home!

You oughta see the other guy.
You oughta see the other guy.

I don’t know if going home was the right answer. Once I did that, I had no way to get anywhere. I had no idea how deep the damage was. Car wasn’t moving again until headed for the shop. My husband’s car was at the airport. However, solving possible tow/taxi/rental issues at 11:30 at night did not appeal. All I wanted to do was creep home and pull up the drawbridge.

This meant I was stuck carless at home for 2 1/2 days. In more serious circumstances, there are people I could call who would be glad to help. I was fine. The house had enough food. Sitting quietly was a sensible response. Boring, but sensible.

Probably just as well I did not go to the show. It would not have been my A-game. I was very fortunate, but being subject to that much kinetic energy left me stiff and sore. Plus the adrenalin backwash took at least a day to work out of my system. So I sat.

Clearly, the ones who suffered most were the cats. Nothing but dry food all weekend. We were low on dog food, but I made up the difference with enough people food that they didn’t mind.

Over at the show, my schedule would have been the same as last month [Report]: three riding classes, one driving. The non-equitation classes had 12 entries. I had been looking forward to seeing if my showmanship had improved enough to get us noticed in the crowd. I had high hopes for the equitation class. The main movement of the new pattern is a canter circle that I ride as a jumper roll-back. In lessons, I was knocking it out of the park.

I mention the accident here because when the Winter Tournament banquet rolls around, my inner competitor will have a fit. She wants all! the! ribbons! I will need to remind her that I missed a show. I will need to reminding her why I missed a show. Won’t matter. Bitch has tunnel vision.


5 thoughts on “Show Report, Not

  1. Considering the conditions, I simply do not get how someone could run into the car in front of it? Texting? I hope they got ticketed six ways to Sunday. Glad you’re OK!

  2. SOOO glad you are OK and agree – hope the other driver was ticketed and fined – clearly they were distracted! I was in an accident years ago and you’re right – one is sore for a few days and I couldn’t stop shaking just from the adrenaline – I was also hit from behind at a stoplight – other car didn’t even “see” the light or the car parked at the red light in front! Go Fiat – it sounds like it handled the crash well. I’m sorry you have to deal with this! EBH

  3. Very, very scary. Being rear-ended (particularly at speed!!) is one of those accidents that makes me shake just thinking about. Hope you are feeling better physically and mentally.

  4. Thank you. It wasn’t scary as such, in that by the time I had any idea what was happening, it was all over and I had stopped safely. Not so crazy about that stretch of road at the moment.

    This reinforces my idea that driving is the most dangerous thing any of us do each day. We – as a society – need to take driving and traffic safety a lot more seriously that we do. $0.02.

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