Gratitude & Complaints


Of course I know my accident could have been far, far worse [Report, Not].

Of course I know the right thing was to stay home from the show.

Of course I know that being rear-ended means I need to be extra careful with the possibility of neck and spine damage.


Can’t I be wistful on the day, imagining everyone at the show without me?

Can’t I sniffle at the Facebook photo of Sam posing with all of his riders?

Can’t I be stir-crazy that recuperation takes longer than you think it will?

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Can’t I be both?

4 thoughts on “Gratitude & Complaints

  1. Good that you’re taking care of yourself even though it’s hard to be a grown-up.

    The scariest part is how much worse it could lead have been. Are you willing to tell us what effects need recuperation?

    Virtual hug.

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