Show Report & Tweets: Winter Tournament 2015-16 #1, B&W Stables

Saddle Seat Wednesday Thursday

Deja vu all over again. My fourth Winter Tournament began as did my first. Second place with Sam at B&W Stables [My First Show, Sorta]. Different level. Getting better at speaking saddle seat and at the sitting-still thing. Otherwise, a standard schooling show day: riding, ribbons, & recreation. Most, if not all, of the people who placed in front of me were suit riders. They were on schoolies or greenies, but they usually play in a bigger sandbox than I.

Nerves were better; mainly because I had been out of town the week before. I was too tired to stress.

530feicone-531ba_000For amusement, we bought a set of driving cones from Silk Tree. They have an oddly slanted shape to allow room for the wheel hubs. They were a hoot to drive through in Greg’s last lesson. (We all had a go.) So, we brought them to the show. Coach Courtney set them up along one side and had us pass thru each time, including at the extended trot. Penalty points were assessed for knocking balls off the cones.

Alvin had never seen cones. No successive approximation. Just, ‘Alvin, meet cones. Go trot’. He took a look at them the first time. Almost as if he wasn’t sure what he should do.’Do these mean stop? Ah no, I see. We go between.’ By the third pass, I swear, he was looking around the turn like a jumper.

If you get a chance to drive, do it. If you drive, set up cones to aim at.

Results & play-by-play commentary.

Alvin Photo by a friend of Stepping Stone
Photo by a friend of Stepping Stone

3 thoughts on “Show Report & Tweets: Winter Tournament 2015-16 #1, B&W Stables

  1. Glad you are still flying the helmet banner. It wasn’t a discussion topic in the dressage ring until Courtney King-Dye ended up with a life changing TBI. We can hope change comes before disaster in the Saddleseat world. It still blows my mind that any parent would let their child on a horse without a helmet.

  2. It is definitely getting better – I wear my helmet at all of the local shows, but go to the silly good-guy hat for the bigger shows still. BUT I saw someone, in a pleasure class, in a helmet, at the ROYAL! So it’s coming. And after 3 years of wearing my crash-helmet at the local shows, 4/5 of us in saddlebred western were wearing helmets this year!

  3. Ellen: Eventers wore huntcaps in stadium until Caroline Treviranus fell and got whacked by a pole. OTOH, hunters and jumpers appear to have adopted helmets without a precipitating crisis. Fingers crossed.

    Buffy: Progress!

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