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saddle june 2015

The saddles for Previous Horse and Mathilda have been retired. I decided to start with an inexpensive – in saddle-speak – synthetic saddle while I figure out what I want for my new forever saddle(s). Internet trolling and personal preference settled on a Wintec 500, close-contact, with flocking. When I stopped by my local tack shop, those options got an immediate pffft from the owner. Her professional recommendation was a Wintec 2000 with suede seat and air panels in the all-purpose style, because reasons. Hmm. I have been shopping at Carousel Tack Shoppe for 20 years. She has yet to lead me astray. Let’s do this.

Allow me to introduce my first saddle purchase in 30 years.

4 thoughts on “New Equipment: Saddle

  1. There’s a lot of pffting around all purpose saddles, because, how can a saddle be more than one thing? That said, I traded in a Stubben jumping saddle years ago for an AP that I use as my jumping/hacking saddle and I *love* the thing. It’s super comfy and puts my leg forward, where I want it. I would never try to ride a dressage test in it, but I have a dressage saddle. So, is it all purpose? No, of course not, but it does serve a purpose, and does it well (mines a Bates, with changeable gullet).

  2. I loved my Barnsby jumping saddle. Lasted through all sorts of eventing weather (snow, hail, sandstorm, flash flood) and came out fine. It’s now on its third owner – 30 years later! Whatever happened to that nice one of Carin’s?

  3. I keep a Wintec Pro Jump in my trailer all the time for rainy weather rides. I think the Wintecs with CAIR panels are quite comfortable for both horse and rider! Enjoy!

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