Letter Art: P is for Polo Wraps

2016 letter P

Purchased from The Little Chic Pony Boutique.

Polo wraps are used to protect & (possibly) support the horse’s lower leg. Polo wraps on Wiki. I believe the name derives from their use by polo players. Anyone know for certain? Google takes me to Wiki & shopping sites.
2016 Alphabet


O is for Opinion
N is for Nature
M is for My Missing Motivation
L is for Leadline
K is for Knabstrupper
J is for Jenny’s Jodhpurs
I is for I Love You
H is for Halter
G is for Ghost Gallery
F is for Fence
E is for Eventing
D is for Do
C is for Carrot
B is for Brush
A is for Apple

2015 Alphabet

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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