State of the Blog, Weekends Off

I’m thinking about taking weekends away from Facebook, and possibly away from my computer completely. No fear, the blog will continue each day. I will schedule the appropriate posts on Friday.

This affects anyone who relies on the Rodney’s Saga Facebook prompt for their daily allotment. If you come directly to the site or have posts sent to your inbox, your service will continue uninterrupted.

Yes, Facebook has an automatic posting capability. I found that auto-post routinely chose the worst photo, including photos that I had deleted.

Why the weekly Facebook embargo? Unfollow has reduced my feed to a manageable level [Taming the Facebook Monster], but I still find myself checking it obsessively. Maybe some one has said something clever. Maybe a cool event is coming up. Usually, no. I’ve pruned to such an extent that new posts are few or none if I check too often. I click over, look around at the empty space, and return to my previous task.

It reminds me of repeated walking past my college mailbox in the forlorn hope that it contained something more interesting than an intra-campus flyer. (She says, totally dating herself. Paper notices? How 20th century.) If I could check once in the morning and be done, that would be great. Alas, no.

While I’m at it, I may see if I can leave my desktop turned off altogether. Facebook, the blog, and work operate from there. I have other devices if I feel compelled to check my personal email or surf. I have plenty of non-computer tasks if I feel overwhelmed by the need to work.

How do you handle Facebook/social media/computer time?
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2 thoughts on “State of the Blog, Weekends Off

  1. How do you handle Facebook/social media/computer time?

    I made the conscious choice not to put Email or FB on my phone. If I want or need to do either, I have to physically go in my office and sit down at my desktop and use my main computer. Nothing portable means I’m never distracted or tempted while out and about because let’s face it, I’m not that important and there’s nothing so critical that I need to have access to the Internet or Email everywhere I go. (In general, I try to adhere to my motto about technology that says, “It can wait.”) Also, my tolerance for having to sit in front of a computer (which curbs my ability to multitask around the house) is pretty limited. So mine is a two-pronged approach that either eliminates portable access or keeps me aware of how long I’m sitting at my desk. My phone is for phone calls and texts, my desktop (which is set to put itself to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity) is for everything else, should the need arise or the mood strike.

  2. “I made the conscious choice … I have to physically go in my office …”


    I will often put X on my phone while traveling. I make a point of taking it off when I get home.

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