Polo Wraps Giveaway

polo wraps

Up for grabs, the polo wraps I used yesterday.

Given my ability to imagine disaster, I am a boots-instead-of-wraps kinda gal (wrap comes loose, horse steps on end, leg stops moving, rest of horse does not …). Therefore, I will not be using these. To spread the love, the first person to squeak gets choice. Second gets the other set. If only one person is interested, congrats, you get all four. Seriously, speak up & they are yours.

Per usual, limited to USA or APO, for postal reasons. I reserve the right to change my mind, or bail for any (mostly legal) reason.

I bought the wraps for the letter P and as a gesture of support for the shop owner, who is a saddle seat blogger, Riding Like a Lady Truck Driver: the Misadventures of an Adult Amateur. The author shows ASBs in the Academy division and writes about it. You can see why I have fondness for the blog, yes?

Links to check out:
Things You Can Do That Require NO Talent and NO Money.

Why Adults Need Horse Show Moms Too. The SSF moms have been wonderful about adopting a 50-year-old kid.

Today I Had the Most Horrible Ride… It’s a Matter of PERSPECTIVE. Go over. Read the image from top to bottom. Then read it from bottom to top. Amazing.

There aren’t many saddle seat blogs. Photos, certainly. Saddlebreds are all over Instagram and Facebook. Text, not so much. The Jodphurs Company has a good blog, but they haven’t been as active this year. Eventing Saddlebred Style does what it says on the box: competing in eventing with a Saddlebred, rather than playing in the saddle seat arena.

Know of any saddle seat blogs I should be following?

polo wraps jod straps

I also ordered a set of jod straps. Less than my usual amount of bling, but one can never have enough extras. These I am keeping.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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