Progress: July 2016

Progress report for last month.

Goal: Put halters on both horses twice a day. [Summer Plan]

Plus: Success. As possible. Some days I wasn’t around [MTCC]. Some days, I was physically present, but mentally absent, i.e. after an up-and-back, one-day Tennessee jaunt [Sidelines]. There were only one or two days when I said FTS entirely.

High point: Rodney wore a bit for one day of groundwork. He hated it. He opened his mouth. He stuck his head out. He acted like a spoiled brat turning his nose up at work. In short, standard horse histrionics. The operative word – in case you missed it – was “horse”. He did not have a Rodney reaction. He did not curl up like a shrimp. He did not retreat to his happy place. He did not tune me out. This is progress. I can deal with attitude (crosses fingers).

Minus: Did not do as much bodywork & groundwork as I would have liked. A lot more grooming and fussing with. OTOH, when the RealFeel(R) temperature is 106o, it’s hard to do much more than hose ’em off.

On blogging note, I need to get back to using more photos. Having my phone camera die [Hiatus] has cut down on the incidental snaps. I was more reliant on those than I realized.

August goal
: more of same. Stir in more bodywork & groundwork.


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Katherine Walcott

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