Watching from the Sidelines

Driving Thursday

At his most recent driving lesson, Greg graduated to solo for most of the session. Heretofore, Coach Kate had been standing behind him on the navigator’s platform. Without her presence, there was a discussion over who was in charge, horse or driver. The answer: Lyricc, at least for cones. ‘Listen, Dude, your job is to count. Tell me which cones come next. After that, stop with the micromanaging. I got this.’

There were a few rough spots. At one point, Lyricc shot forward at a strong trot. No big deal. Greg was never out of control. But my fevered imagination could extrapolate. Similarly, at another point, the cart was resting in what turned out to be a sticky spot. When asked to move off, Lyricc chose to back up back &/or go sideways instead. As above, NBD. My adrenaline did not have time to redline. It tried.

Perhaps I will adjust over time. During Greg’s first saddle seat driving lesson, I was a mess [Driving On]. Now, I’m perfectly happy to stomp all over him if we are in a class together [Show Report, Photos]. I hope the same thing happens for Combined Driving.

For those of you who watch your loved ones compete (Moms? GodMoms?), how do you DO it?
On a lighter note. From the VSE visiting the Franklin barn. (Very Small Equine. That’s what minis & co are officially called in Combined Driving.)

The World's Most Adorable Hoofprint
The World’s Most Adorable Hoofprint

The cart & bell boots are equally adorable. [Originally posted in Announcement.]


OTOH, Hero has no idea that he is anything other than 10 feet tall & bulletproof.

Hero with owner Kathleen Carey-Plock Photo by Gerry Plock
Hero with owner Kathleen Carey-Plock
Photo by Gerry Plock

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5 thoughts on “Watching from the Sidelines

  1. It isn’t easy.

    Ask me about the time my Mom and I were watching you ride cross country and we kept hearing the announcement “Number 32 is off course”. Following that we got “Number 33 has cleared …number 34 has cleared…”

    Not easy.

  2. Try watching as the instructor! Also nerve-wracking, especially when there is nothing you can do while they’re in the ring.

  3. Worst day ever was the day sometime died in the XC when my daughter was competing. It totally blighted eventing for me and I was delighted when she ‘got serious’ about dressage the following year. So no, it was never easy to watch.

  4. Never been in that situation, just watched. Did get Katherine to do a nice smile for a side saddle class, pic came out great. I know I gave a copy to her. Got to hang over (not really over, next to) the rail when kids were chased because I had a 35mm camera with long lens and looked like I knew what I was doing. And my purse looked more like an equipment bag. Security guard never even asked for ID.

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