Driving On

My multi-talented groundcrew has agreed to leave the sidelines and step into the spotlight. My husband Greg will fill out my Academy Driving class at the show on Saturday. To that end, he had his first driving lesson last weekend. He drove Big [Hello?, Circles, pictured].

Until recently, he has done all of our lunging, long-lining, or any activity involving a long string with a horse. He’s marvelous. I’m utterly convinced that he would love Combined Driving. Hence the clinic earlier this year [Seaton].

Being certain of his aptitude for driving, I overlooked the fact that he has not actually been in a cart for decades. As he clambered into the training cart, I realized that the last time I saw him in a cart was when Mathilda wrecked [Driving Miss M].


No photos. I was too busy willing him to stay in the cart, off the rail, and out of trouble. I don’t know how people watch their loved ones. It’s hell.

Greg was, of course, fabulous, as was Big.

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  1. That’s exciting news. Looking forward to hearing more about you both being out there in the limelight.

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