Show Report & Tweets: Stepping Stone Farm 2015

SSF logoStepping Stone Farm ASHAA Fun Show
June 20, 2015
Chelsea, AL, USA

Driving with WC High in the Sky (Big), 2nd of 2
Pleasure with Sultan’s Miracle Man (Sam), 1st of 3
Equitation with Sultan’s Miracle Man, 1st of 3
Thank you to Miriam Reagan & Saddlebred Rescue, Courtney Huguley, and the Wamble family for the wonderful horses.

There is no home court advantage at a horse show. There is a home court DISadvantage. The home team objects to having their personal space invaded by strange horses, big trucks, and swarms of people. It happened in 2013 with Trump [Report], in 2014 with Natalie [Report], and this year with Sam:

Sam: Eeek! Cars! By the ring! I’ve never seen a car before! I’m scared!
Me: No, you’re not.
Sam: I’m a high-strung, sensitive horse, I could be scared.
Me: Ain’t gonna happen.
Sam: Oh, poo.

The driving class? Greg & Alvin won! He says it was fun. Also, if one is going to help another person perform, it is useful to see the view from the inside the ring. At least that’s what he says publicly.

Privately? All hail the driving god.


Of course, there were hordes of chores at the barn, of which I was happy not to partake. Being a princess has advantages.

Favorited myself. Not sure how.

When I’m working a show, that is.

This is the second time Alvin has beaten Big in Academy Driving. Big is clearly the nicer horse, but I think he is less tolerant of driver error.

They frolic adorably, as well. However, I have a better chance of getting a decent photo while they are sleeping adorably.

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