New Glasses

My glasses have arrived [Happy Heath News].


Looking straight ahead and being able to see: Awesome.

Looking down for close-up work: Similar to readers.

Looking sideways and seeing rainbow halos: Groovy.

Because of the way progressive lenses are built, I have to learn to move my head rather than cut my eyes, for example looking from keyboard to screen. “Follow your nose” the person at the glasses store told me. If I fail to look straight through the lenses, the world goes out of focus. I’m not used differences depending on the direction of my eyes. My world was blurry, but it was uniformly blurry. Everyone says my brain will compensate in a few days. I’m just waiting for the sea sickness to stop.
Gratuitous Cat Link

“Even hairless Sphynx cats give patients a warm, fuzzy feeling”

My photo instructor [Meet Meg] took the pictures for this article. We’re taking USA Today, people! Do I know how to pick a teacher, or what?

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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