Foto Friday: Meet Meg

Photographer Meg McKinney has agreed to be my photo guru.

I’ve been claiming for years that I will improve my photography [Texture, 2012]. I’ve tried downloads [Foto Freebie, 2013] I’ve tried books [Recommitment, 2014]. No dice.

I’ve had good luck with other gurus: Saddle Seat [Value of a Coach], Combined Driving [Driving Forward, Lesson] & horse shopping [Mail Order Horse]. (I may have let the side down re Milton, but Fairy Godmother did her part fabulously.) Perhaps with a person holding my toes to the fire, I will finally get my camera off automatic.

Meg has appeared on the blog before [California Girl becomes a Southern Belle, guest post with photos]. She has generously allowed me to post her photos [Show Photos by McKinney, Vulcan & Fireworks].

I’ve talked about her skills as a photographer, “This is what happens when you give a weak camera to a strong photographer. Result, a picture of myself that I can almost stand.” [Barn Christmas Party]

I’ve even whined about her, “Hopeless despair brought on by professional envy … Last weekend, she took photos at the show … The choice of subjects. The timing. The focus. The composition. The color. The … everything.” [Foto Friday: Or Not]

After she agreed to take me on, Meg checked out my camera [Story]. She snapped a quick shot of me & Bingo using my settings (auto minus flash).

McKinney Photography (A 'What Not To Do' teachable moment. )
McKinney Photography
(A ‘What Not To Do’ teachable moment. )

Then she fiddled with knobs to show me the difference when the photo was done right. (I look like a dork, but Bingo no longer looks like a blurry devil horse.)

McKinney Photography
McKinney Photography

Exactly! Now teach me how to do that.

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  1. I love Meg! Please tell her hello- we used to work together ages ago when I was at Southern Accents& we shot a story in New Orleans together! Good luck & happy Easter! Elizabeth

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