Walking Along

Rodney and I are working on staying in front of my leg [Positives]. Since the goal is to walk with relaxation, I can’t thump my heels to send him forward. It’s more a matter of keep my weight centered and insisting he move off with a correct step from the beginning. We generally manage a circle or two before we both collapse under the weight of the concentration required.

One thing I have noticed. When he goes right, Rodney rides like a helluva lotta horse.

He still has issues. A few days ago, he was done and sans halter. The riding and grooming areas are within the pasture, so he was free to go. He was hanging around to see if any more horse pats would be forthcoming. When I picked up the leather halter for Milton [[2.0:discussion, Moods:photo], Rodney spun around and flew out of the barn. He doesn’t like leather [Slow Lane, Here We Stand].
Gratuitous Giveaway

Pacific cov

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  1. When I saw “free to good home”, I feared one of the horses had been naughty again and was now up for grabs. Or perhaps spouse. But it sounds like he’s seldom the naughty one.

  2. I’d love to have it, but you have to deliver it in person and pick up a bunch of stuff.

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