Foto Friday: Or Not

Still haven’t gotten started on the photo project [Recommitment]. Or written any more Off Topic posts. I’ve even fallen off on gratuitous cat snapshots. Where will the Internet find cute cat pictures if I don’t supply them?

I couldn’t begin to tell you where my time goes. Folks out there have careers and compete. I don’t have a job and ride once a week. Free time ought to be accumulating around me like dust bunnies.

Part of the delay is hopeless despair brought on by professional envy. One of the riders at our barn is professional photographer Meg McKinney [website, Facebook]. Last weekend, she took photos at the show. (She was off grounds for my classes. I’m in the background for one but ain’t gonna tell you. I look awful.) Show album here. The choice of subjects. The timing. The focus. The composition. The color. The … everything. This is what happens when one has a real photographer behind the wheel.

With practice, I can get better. I’ll never be good. Not like that. You could give me a camera set-up that costs more than my car, a year of intense instruction, and I still wouldn’t be a visually expressive person.

Grumble. Gripe. Grouse.

Perhaps next week the life fairy will fly through with magnetic pixie dust that magically pulls my act together.

At least Rodney is having a good time.
At least Rodney is having a good time.

3 thoughts on “Foto Friday: Or Not

  1. A bad attitude is no excuse. You have the genes. You have the time. You’ve done some beautiful work.

    Harness your passion to the job. Make a commitment to photo 100 shots a day. Of anything. Don’t let the analytic get in the way of the intuitive.

    You are a real photographer. Just do it!

    Fairies! Fooey! Snap out of it.

  2. Thank you so much for staring my album of photos from the show last weekend. I truly enjoyed photographing the people , horses, capturing moments. I only wish I hadn’t missed that hour or so in the middle and gotten your class. Stay cool– Meg McKinney

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