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Help me out here.

The Internet stumps me on a regular basis. I see people staring at their phones for hours. What are they reading? I know a vast wealth of information lurks beneath my fingertips, but I don’t know where to start. I’m a data junkie. I should be all over this. But I’m not. I’ll do a quick tour of my standard treadmill: The Devil’s Panties, Whatever, Fat Cyclist and a handful of horse blogs. After that, I stare at my screen thinking, Now what?

Finding readable blogs is never-ending. Favored blogs either don’t post often enough. I’m looking at you Writing From the Right Side of the Stall. Or they will get caught up in writing more books (Yay!) and slow down the posting frequency (Boo!) – Inky Fool. Or the blog will end suddenly under forboding circumstances – Literary Horse: Plagues and Curses Upon the House of Hudson. Or the blog will have ended before even I found it – Ballroom Junkie.

I’ve never been a newshound. International news is dire. National news is parties slinging mud at each other. What ever happened to the ideas of loyal opposition and civilized discourse? Local news is a list of highway fatalities. None of this is conducive to my being able to sleep at night.

What do you read online, equine or otherwise? Do you read single blogs or composite, for example Eventing Nation or Horse Collaborative? How do you find new blogs to read?

8 thoughts on “State of the Blog: Reading Blogs

  1. I confess. This is what I’m doing when I’m staring at my computer screen for hours. Playing Farm Heroes or Bubble Witch. I’m in the slump of slumps with respect to blogging and reading blogs. The only way out that I can see is to change my password on the games site and promptly forget the new one. Should be easy, no? Hasn’t happened yet.
    I am still riding, knitting, walking, reading sci-fi… just can’t get back into the bloggosphere.
    Advice for you? Browse through the composite blogs, or see what pops up on your FB newsfeed. Sorry I’m not more helpful.
    By the way did you ever get into using Twitter? I tried hard for a while, tuning into various horse hours. I came to the conclusion it’s just not my thing.

  2. Guilty as charged! Hudson is just fine (Never thought about how a long silence would appear after that post. Argh. Mea Culpa). We had a family crisis, and I sort of broke. I’ve never been good at life changes. (Stasis is my happy place.) I’ve been slowly crazy gluing myself back together with the help of Shaun, friends, loved ones, and Hudson. I should probably SAY something on TLH. Thanks for the reality check!

  3. I only follow a handful of blogs but I can admit that I’m a junkie for blogs that share their feelings, warts and all. Your blog is one of the few horse-related blogs I read, though several that I used to follow have since withered and died. I used to follow a couple of wonderful photography blogs, but most of those have dwindled down to nothing too. Usually I read blogs for two reasons: Heart content and to learn more about something that interests me. Sometimes I can get a dose of both if I’m lucky. If I’m going to read a blog to try to learn something, then writer participation with reader comments is a must. If I want a heart connection then you’d better be willing to put your feelings out there on the line. (I’m less likely to expect reader/writer communication, but occasionally it’s nice to know that if I’m willing to encourage or feel you, you appreciate it.) As a blogger myself, I’ve tried to ask myself why I’m blogging. Is it to share my feelings with others? Am I blogging just to write? To educate? What is my purpose? Since I’m not trying to provide something for a specific audience, I don’t write posts to suit my reader’s needs. I write and either they read it or they don’t. (Mostly, they don’t.) It doesn’t matter too much me either way I guess (because I’m still around), but I will admit that once in awhile it’s really nice to know someone cares.

  4. Jigsaw puzzles, solitaire, books, Luminosity, email…not really a blog person unless I know the writer from another context.

  5. Oh, the guilt, the guilt. Long, idiotic post about Trixie the Homocidal Chestnut Mare in the works, I promise. WFTRSOTS not quite ready to go on the cart.

  6. Good news about TLH & WFTRSOTG. Bad news about Jane breaking & Trixie being homicidal, although I suspect the latter will prove entertaining.

    The rest of you were not much help on finding things to read! Magreelee, you may redeem yourself by telling me what science fiction you are reading & if you recommend it. So much of the new stuff appears to be dreck. Rattles cane.

    As for games, I’ve started several farming games but I inevitably get to the point where the costs become so high that I get impatient with the progress. The only game I’ve really stuck with is My Little Pony. I started it when I was sick. By the time I got better, I was in too deep.

  7. Whoops. My go-to blogs are Haiku Farm (Aarene is funny and interesting!), Anna Blake Blog (Anna makes me think, and her books are excellent!), Listful Thinking (life told entirely in list form, hilarious) and Equine Ink (Broad variety of horsey goodness). Tacky Racoons almost always cracks me up. (Bunk has my sense of humor – it my sense of humor decided to play twister while drinking beer.). Many good links to be found on those blogs as well.

  8. Are you on Goodreads? Feel free to connect with me there (Cheryl Zovich) I’m an avid reader … just about anything will do it for me! Doing the book challenge again, which really keeps me honest.

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